Vail Bluegrass Announces Headliners

Vail Bluegrass returns to the Arrabelle at Vail Square beginning Wednesday, July 1 and continues on July 15 and 29 and August 12. All shows will begin at 6:00 p.m. and are free to attend with the option to purchase tickets for preferred seating. Together with the Town of Vail, Lakeside Stride of Denver is proud to announce the lineup for 2015.

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2015 Vail International Dance Festival Season Announced: July 27-August 10

The Vail International Dance Festival announces its 2015 schedule to be held July 27 through August 10, marking its 27th season with world premieres, exceptional debuts, and captivating collaborations. Located in the pristine alpine community of Vail, Colorado, the Festival features many of the world’s greatest artists from all genres of dance.  ( more)

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Summer in Vail, Colorado

www.vail.com Vail, CO.

"There's a saying in Colorado...you come for the winter but you stay for the summer".

The largest ski resort in North America becomes an outdoor playground in summer with mountain biking, yoga, hiking and more -- all in the midst of the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Music: "Summerlong" by Xylos

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Hiking in Vail - No. 1

Hiking in Vail - No. 1

There are more than 166 miles of trails to hike and explore surrounding the Vail.