Premier Youth Lacrosse Tournament Elevates the Game
Vail will host the 19th Annual Vail Lacrosse Tournament from June 15-18, 2015 with approximately 100 youth teams over four days of competition. The renowned tournament provides youth athletes the opportunity to compete in a unique location, build comradery with fellow teammates and learn from top national coaches while being surrounded by the outdoor beauty of Vail, Colorado.

Mark Foster is the Boys Tournament Director and his sister, Kristen Foster, is the Girls Tournament Director. The brother and sister team grew up in Colorado and have been playing lacrosse since second grade. “Lacrosse has been a big part of our lives and the Vail Lacrosse Tournament provides us with the opportunity to reconnect with friends and coaches who value the spirit of the game and appreciate possibilities that it provides the youth players,” says Mark Foster.  “We’re so proud to be able to offer a unique team building experience that helps players develop as individuals.”

This year technology will play a big part in the overall experience with the new
Vail Lacrosse Mobile App that will allow players, parents and coaches to stay connected and up-to-date on games, schedules, field locations, weather, events, and special offers at local businesses. The app will also allow participants to post photos, videos and comments so everyone can share their memorable tournament experiences. Chaos Lacrosse program director and coach Pam Sagehorn, formerly of Sentry Lacrosse, agrees that technology is elevating the game. “Social media is allowing for large lacrosse events to be more efficiently run,” says Sagehorn. “It’s now easy to share the fun that the kids are having through posting pictures on the tournaments’ websites and social media pages, and helps communication between the tournament directors and coaches.” The Vail Lacrosse Mobile App will be available for free for Apple and Android users in June.

Another update this year is the addition of The Vail Showcase, which will take place after the Tournament.  The Vail Showcase is an opportunity for top players to catch the attention of NCAA coaches from schools such as Cornell, Loyola, Amherst, Colorado College and Michigan to develop techniques and understanding of their position. The players will be selected based on specific criteria provided by their tournament coaches to attend the event. Not only will these players be getting individual attention from college coaches, they will also be receiving direct input from a 'positions coach' to get a unique take on their position and ways to mature their game.

The Vail Lacrosse Tournament advocates for team bonding by offering with group rafting trips, team hiking, and more, plus it supports healthy competition while keeping the fun in the game. Every year it is a great experience for our players, coaches and lacrosse families. The goal is to make sure each team is learning, growing and empowering each other to be better athletes.  

To learn more about The Vail Lacrosse Tournament please visit http://www.coloradolacrosse.com/ or http://www.facebook.com/laxvail.

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