Vail, CO (August 16, 2012) – What is your greatest potential in life? Are you achieving it? Are you satisfied with where you are financially? These questions ignite a personal conversation that will be explored during the Second Annual Women’s Empowerment Workshop, September 13-16 at the Vail Racquet Club Mountain Resort. Through deep explorations in nature including rafting, rock climbing, hiking, groundwork with horses, seminars and life coaching, women will discover the power within by connecting to nature in a deep and personal way.
Danielle Howard, a certified financial planner professional for the past 20 years, will join this year’s facilitator staff to share her insights on assisting women in transition to create healthy financial lives. An avid outdoorswoman and kayaker, Danielle will help participants explore how spending time on a river relates to situations in their lives, in particular the flow of money.
“My mission is to help women understand the meaning of money in their life and facilitate opportunities to create a more fulfilling journey by connecting their core values with their resources of time, talent and treasure,” says Danielle. “By challenging current negative mindsets about money and laying the groundwork for new, thought-provoking ideas, my hope is to help women embrace true financial freedom.”
Rivers serve as a powerful metaphor for creating a healthy financial life, from being a foundational component as life sustaining to understanding the flow of money through life. “As we embrace the symbolic teachings of the river, we’ll also connect with the positive, creative power of money and how to use it resourcefully and wisely, how to direct it intentionally and how to share it with others,” says workshop co-founder Susie Kincade. “I am excited to have Danielle join us and I know participants will enjoy exploring the meaning of money in their lives as we laugh, learn and get a bit wet on our water journey!”
Danielle will join a panel of fabulous facilitators including wilderness guide, Tanya Miller; wilderness therapist, Josie Fenton; equine therapist and author, Melisa Pearce; and life coach and author, Joan King. They will join workshop founders Susie Kincade and Christy Martin to take women outward into nature, not to conquer it, but to learn from it. Activities are designed for all ages and abilities, and provide skills and tools that women can take directly into their life.
Registration is open online at www.womenempower.us. Space is limited for this unique workshop. Call for more information 877-595-8622.  Women’s Empowerment Workshop is sponsored by Women’s Adventure Magazine, Center for Women in Business/US Chamber of Commerce, Vail Racquet Club, Osprey, Cellular-Wisdom, Touched by a Horse, Trailwise Guides, Timberline Tours, Adventure Travel Guides International, Vail Luxe Magazine, Vail.net, Vail.Like nothing on earth., Bella Sparks Magazine, Envision.Believe.Create Marketing, VIP Travel Adventures, The StarHouse, Natural Awakenings, Elite Limousine, Paul Mitchell, Wendy Griffith Photography, Jamit Publishing, Beta Video, Larabar, and Runa Tea.




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