As host to numerous cycling events throughout the summer, including the inaugural USA Pro Cycling Challenge with stages in Vail and Avon on August 25th and 26th, the Town of Vail’s Art in Public Places (AIPP) celebrates The Art of Motion this summer in Vail. Capturing the velocity of a time trial wheel as interpreted through sculpture; the beauty of simple curves and lines through paint and brush; or the timelessness of vintage bicycles through a camera lens, we invite cycling and art enthusiasts alike to enjoy The Art of Motion. Over the past several months, AIPP collaborated with three Coloradan artists to create this vision.
John Wenner is a sculptor, designer, fabricator, bike racer, and bike maker. He created a large-scaled kinetic sculpture entitled Time Trial Wheel 001 for The Art of Motion. The sculpture will be on view in Vail Village at the intersection of East Meadow Drive and Willow Bridge Road. It is welded steel and stands nearly 12 feet tall with a rotating wheel inspired by the time trial racers whom we will see compete in Vail later in August. “I became a sculptor because I love to solve three dimensional problems with many different types of material. From concept to completion, I become immersed by the process of making and creating. From being a fabricator to sculptor and a bike racer, it just made sense to build my own bikes and also educate people how to build their own bike frames. It feels amazing to build and ride your own bicycle,” explains Wenner. He received his MFA in sculpture from Bradley University in Peoria, Ill.
Dustin Zentz’s bicycle themed painting entitled Chain Gang is on view in the Vail Village Transportation Center. The large mural is oil on wood panel and measures 72 x 96 inches. “Form, line, color, composition, movement, and texture all are embodied in the bicycle which makes it a great subject for a painting,” explains the artist. Dustin Zentz is a multi-talented artist with a studio in Red Cliff. He received his BFA (painting) from the Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Mich.
Todd Van Fleet is a fine art and commercial photographer known for his series of vintage bicycles. We invited Van Fleet to photograph his vintage bicycles throughout Vail for our summer exhibition. Enlarged images from this shoot are on view in proximity of the Vail Village Transportation Center. Images may be seen on the façade of the Vail Village Information Center, in Slifer Square, on top of the bus shelter also in Slifer Square, and the western pedestrian street entrance of the Village parking structure. “I shoot vintage cruiser bikes in landscapes trying to capture the personality of each bike. Cruiser bike photography is my folly. I am sure a lot of people say that, but hopefully you can feel the passion and emotion these two-wheeled beauties bring out in me. The same passion applies to everything I do, whether it’s building my own cruisers or customizing them,” explains Van Fleet. Van Fleet moved to Colorado in 1994 when he enrolled in the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design where he received his BFA in Illustration in 1998.
On August 25th the artists will gather to meet spectators at the USA Pro Cycling Challenge Expo in the Town of Vail's Art in Public Places tent. The Expo is on the roofdeck level of the Vail Village Parking Structure from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm. Witness a live bike build by sculptor John Wenner, a painting demonstration by Dustin Zentz for which the work will be sold by silent auction, and purchase signed photographs from Todd Van Fleet’s vintage bicycle photo shoot in Vail. There will also be an opportunity to purchase signed posters created for The Art of Motion exhibition. 50% of the proceeds will go towards future Art in Public Places programs.
For details and locations for The Art of Motion contact Art in Public Places Coordinator Molly Eppard (970) 479-2344 or visit artinvail.com


Molly Eppard (970) 479-2344 or visit artinvail.com

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