• Lance Armstrong’s personal coach to bring skills and rehab system to elite athletes as well as to vacationers and Vail locals

VAIL, Colo.—Jan. 15, 2010—Vail, Colorado, will be the site of Carmichael Training Systems’ newest High Altitude Training Camp from June 22-26, 2010. Renowned as a year-round center for athletes of various disciplines and ability levels, Vail is fast becoming the nation’s leading destination for visitors who want to pursue their recreational passions, and take their skill set to the next level.

Created in 2000 by Olympian and elite cyclist Chris Carmichael, Carmichael Training Systems leads the performance coaching industry with the application of the latest sports science knowledge for nutrition, fitness, and endurance training. Best known for his work as Lance Armstrong’s personal coach, Carmichael was instrumental in the cyclist’s comeback to his competitive best after his bout with testicular cancer. Carmichael has since coached a number of the world’s top athletes, as well as thousands of recreational athletes in their pursuit of personal bests.
“Training camps are an important component of improving as an athlete; the ability to focus entirely on your sport often leads to dramatic advances in confidence, skill, and fitness. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to combine the ultimate training and coaching experience with the ultimate vacation experience in Vail,” says Chris Carmichael, founder and CEO of Carmichael Training Systems. “The rides will be like nothing on earth, and nobody will be bored when they are off their bikes in Vail.”
The Carmichael High Altitude Training Camp in Vail will allow guests to experience classic Colorado summer rides while being coached by the world-class staff of Carmichael Training Systems.  Rides will vary from breath-taking climbs, steep descents and flat valley roads. Participants will experience amenities typically reserved for professional cyclists, from post-ride massages, to individual power file analysis with the coaches. This camp is structured to accommodate riders of all levels and is relevant for both mountain bike and road cyclists.
“We’re extremely pleased to announce this new partnership with Carmichael Training Systems,” says Kelli McDonald, Town of Vail Economic Development Manager. “People in Vail, whether our visitors or residents, are immensely passionate about their personal pursuits. For those who are out to achieve their personal bests on bikes or with their overall fitness and wellness, Chris Carmichael is America’s coach. Carmichael Training Systems has earned its reputation as the nation’s premier destination for personal fitness and performance coaching, and we’re thrilled to have them be a part of our resort playground.” 
In addition to the High Altitude Training Camp, Carmichael Training Systems is in discussion with Shaw Regional Cancer Center, located in the Vail Valley, to introduce a post-treatment cancer recovery camp in the healing environment of Vail. This particular camp is a first in the country. Utilizing the coaching approach developed specifically for Lance Armstrong following his cancer treatment, this camp will focus on developing individual energy systems, optimizing oxygen delivery to working muscles, leave plenty of room for recovery and priorities outside of training, and set good fitness patterns for life after conquering cancer.
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