The Vail Symposium’s 2013 Living At Your Peak Consciousness Series is underway and continues through the first week in October. The programs in this series offer participants the opportunity to learn about Integrative Medicine, Consciousness, Spirituality, and Mindfulness from doctors and experts who are the nation’s top leaders in these fields.
“I hope that we can expand the world view of Vail locals, visitors, and longtime Symposium supporters by bringing to their attention the last 50 plus years of research, conclusions and ongoing studies related to topics that fall under the Consciousness heading,” said Living At Your Peak committee member Gary Gilman. “These topics include such things as the mind/body connection, the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, non-local consciousness, energy and remote healing research and modalities, near death experiences, out of body experiences, after death communications, and other similar mystical experiences that many people have experienced directly.”
The series started this week with a presentation on “Integrative Healthcare in the U.S.” by Dr. Len Wisneski (Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium) and a panel discussion on “Bridging the Gap” by Dr. Wisneski, Dr. Brent Bauer (Mayo Clinic), Dr. Lorenzo Cohen (MD Anderson), and Dr. Lisa Corbin (U. of Colorado Anschutz Center).
The series continues next week Thursday, September 12 with a presentation on “Consciousness, Spirituality and the One Mind” by Dr. Larry Dossey (Medical City Dallas Hospital) and “Healing Through Meditation” with Joey Klein and Felix Lopez on Friday, September 13.
The 2013 Living At Your Peak Series concludes on Friday, October 4 and Saturday, October 5 with a retreat to Greystone Manor & Estate in Evergreen, Colorado. The retreat features exclusive chats, dinners, hikes, and more with Dr. Elliot Dacher.
For more information on these programs and to purchase tickets, please go to www.vailsymposium.org or call 970-476-0954.
About Living At Your Peak
The Vail Valley is the home of some of the best wellness practices in the United States. The medical facilities are among the best in the nation, the clinics and integrative medical services are cutting edge and the residents and visitors invest themselves in pursuing an holistic healthy life. In keeping with this spirit, the Vail Symposium created Living At Your Peak in 2012 as a signature program about health and wellness. The inaugural program was a very successful 2 1/2 day event in September featuring interactive sessions with nutrition and fitness experts, as well as an introduction to the health benefits of meditation, and fabulous nutritious meals at Vail restaurants.
Living at Your Peak 2013 is a series of presentations that incorporates the newest knowledge about the mind body connection and integrates eastern and native healing practices with traditional western medicine.  The focus for the 2013 series will be on living consciously and engaging in activities that enhance our health through raising our consciousness level to achieve a flourishing sense of well-being.
Integrative medicine, meditation, energy healing, qigong, and insights gained through near death experiences will all be explored with thought provoking experts on Thursday and Friday evenings through the month of September.
About the Vail Symposium
The Vail Symposium has been providing intellectual stimulation and creating engaging conversations in the Vail Valley community for over forty-two years. Created in 1971, the Symposium was conceived by community leaders to create ideas and goals, attracting not only the majority of townsfolk but also policy shapers from across the state and nation. Throughout the years they have diversified and expanded their scope with a dedication to educational and cultural programs. Today’s program topics range from current events to political analysis to health and wellness to culture and adventure. The Vail Symposium is a (501)(c)(3) non-profit organization.


Tracey Flower
Development, Marketing and Administration Officer
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